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Have you bought a Pudding Club Pudding?

It is now over two weeks since Pudding Club puddings first became available for sale in Waitrose stores across the country.We are so pleased that many thousands of pudding lovers have raised their spoons and  headed for their nearest store and bought one or more puddings!

If you have tried one we would love to know what you thought of it, was it substantial and fulfilling? how did you like the packaging? had the syrup really soaked into the sponge as my grandmothers used to? was it really a sticky sticky toffee pud?

For the last 24 years we have listened to comments from pudding lovers who have attended Pudding Club meetings at the Home of the Pudding club.

So please Blog here and let us know your comments

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Thanks for letting us know about the lack of Pudding Club Puds at Waitrose in Alcester. You are not the first to contact us, we will discuss further with Waitrose and see if they will change their minds, it is a shame that they are not stocked in a store so close to the Home of The Pudding Club. Otherwise we do have them available at the Reception here at Three Ways House Hotel Mickleton Chipping Campden just a 25 minute drive from Alcester. Do give the reception a ring on 01386 438429 first just to reserve some for collection.

Just been to Waitrose in Alcester. They do not stock your puddings and they have apparently had lots of requests recently but have had no luck getting hold of stock. Where else can you get hold of them near Stratford upon Avon?

Tried the ginger syrup last week, better than any other supermarket pudding i have tasted, well done, give me more

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