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Jude Bull's big birthday celebration

This morning we had a Ready! Steady! Cook! event for Jude Bull's big birthday celebration. Jude, her husband Clint and 29 guests divided into 4 teams who had to make and decorate a tray of biscuits, cook a microwavable chocolate pudding in two minutes and also make the "Apricot and Marmalade Marvel" Lord Randalls Pudding all under the direction of the Pudding Club's Head Chef., Mark Rowlandson and Chairman Peter Henderson

Some of the biscuits were interesting shapes but the Chocolate Puddings were all a triumph and included a variety of additional ingredients like ground ginger, chilli (wow, was that sauce hot) and Baileys.

The real test was the the Lord Randalls Pudding as the teams were allowed to add more fruit if they wanted too and generally tinker with the recipe and method. During the afternoon, Mark cooked each of the 4 puds and tonight they were all paraded at Jude's Birthday dinner so that everyone at the party could taste 4 different versions of this terrific pudding. In truth every one of the 4 puds looked and tasted terrific. The puds were so full of fruit that everyone who ate them will be fit for months!

Real Pudding Lovers

It was harder than ever not to laugh at tonight's Pudding Club meeting.

Debbie the receptionist was a bit concerned that a couple from Wales hadn't turned up for the meeting and didnt want them to miss out on the 7 traditional puds. So, after giving them a bit of time to show up, she called their mobile. They were dismayed that they had mixed up their dates and were expecting to come tomorrow. They had rented a cottage for the weekend and when Debbie phoned them they were in the village pub 300 yards away.Starters had been eaten and during the phone call their steaks arrived at the the table.

What would you do in that situation? Well they proved that they are real Pudding Lovers by leaving their steaks untouched, paying for their meals and running down the street to the pudding club meeting just in time for the Parade of Puddings! What stars they are. Of course we offered them a steak at the end of the puds, but they were not so keen then....

Why isnt there a photograph of this lovely couple? Well they didnt want their friends and family back in the valleys to hear of their adventures- so it is our secret.

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