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173 Puddings, 11 Pudding Club Meetings and all in less than 12 months!

Fi and Nathan Tatchell-White are true pudding lovers, they have broken all records in 2009 attending 11 meetings and have eaten 173 puddings between them. I am sure you are wondering who ate the most! Well Fi managed an amazing 91, while Nathan struggled to keep up but still achieved a very creditable 82 puds.

At their last meeting of the year on December 4th Fi and Nathan decided to celebrate this massive achievement by really dressing  to impress! Was Turkey on the menu?

Peter Henderson chairman of The Pudding Club who hosted the meeting said  "The atmosphere was electric, I have hosted pudding club meetings for 15 years but this beats them all"

If Fi and Nathan did this in 2009 the 24th year of The Pudding Club, what will happen when they start to celebrate the 25th anniversary in 2010!

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