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Pudding Record celebrates its First Birthday

On August 23rd 2008 James Hargreaves set the new record for the most number of portions of pudding eaten at one Pudding Club Meeting. 23 Portions can you believe it! Craig Mathews Pudding Club host on the evening was astounded, but seeing them pictured together you can understand why it was so easy for James, he towers above Craig at a mighty 6 feet 4 inches.

Rumour has it that James has been in training this Summer and will return to attempt a new record in December. Watch this space

Spotted Richard!

The Chairman of the Pudding Club Peter Henderson was swamped by telephone calls from the press and national radio when Flintshire County Council decided that it could no longer refer to Spotted Dick by its true name! In their great wisdom they decided that it should be referred to as Spotted Richard.

In support of the Great British Pud, Peter was outraged that they could even consider this abuse of such a great pudding. Let us know your thoughts on Pudding Club Blog.

A little bit of what you fancy does you good!

Mark Rowlandson Head Chef at The Pudding Club loves eating the Pudding Club Puddings. So to keep trim and help raise money for charity he runs Half Marathon’s several times a year. He has just completed The Great North Run his 4th Half Marathon this year! Mark says “The puddings are a great form of carb’s to take on pre race”

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