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Pudding Club Waitrose In Store Tasting

Tom Timms second chef from Three Ways House Hotel, Home of the Pudding Club and his colleague Lynn tempted customers at the Waitrose convenience store in Nottingham with a tasting of Pudding Club Puddings.

This is the first event of this type with Waitrose. "Customers just loved the Puds, what really suprised me was the number of students buying them!" Tom Timms.

If you have bought a pudding recently we would love to hear from you, blog here.

We were so touched to receive a letter from Mrs Scott after she had bought one of our puddings

"I just had to write to you to say how much we enjoyed your puddings, they were delicious".


We were so touched to receive a letter from Mrs Scott from Buckhurst Hill in Essex. Mrs Scott wrote "I must say having been married for 50 years this last September, I have always cooked traditional sponge puddings but I will now buy yours. Thanks for making them so nice"

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Chocolate Lovers indulge at the Home of The Pudding Club

To celebrate Chocolate Week and their  love of Chocolate a group of chocolate lovers enjoyed a unique Divine Chocolate demonstration, followed by a Lunch featuring chocolate at each course!

Divine chocolatier David Greenwood-Haigh talked about the sourcing of Fairtrade Chocolate, its history and how to enjoy chocolate in many different ways.Chocoholics then relaxed with a special chocolate lunch. Head Chef Mark Rowlandson and his team created an interesting menu featuring chocolate dishes at each course. Guests enjoyed Baked Plaice with a White Chocolate Risotto and Roast breast of Duck with Pak Choi and a bitter Chocolate Sauce. Chocoholic Breaks , Cookery Demonstrations and Chocolate Lunches are a regular feature at Three Ways House Hotel Home of The Pudding Club.

Pudding Club takes Osaka by storm!

The Pudding Club team on tour in Japan have taken Osaka by storm. It is now official that the Japanese have fallen in love with our great Traditional British Puds !

The Pudding Club shop at the British Fair at the Hankyu store in Osaka has sold out of puddings on 5 out of the 7 days.

The favourite pudding during the fair was Squidgy Chocolate made by Pudding Club Chef Tom Timms, a close second was Ginger Syrup Pudding.

Pudding Club Meeting 2nd October 2009 Osaka Japan

The second Pudding Club meeting to be held in Osaka was a great success with 50 guests attending the meeting at the New Hankyu Hotel on Friday evening. The guests enjoyed a light fish appetizer before experiencing the traditional parade of puddings, for the first time orchestrated to light and sound. Five puddings were enjoyed, with many people having 6 or 7 portions.

Pudding Club meeting Osaka

The champion pudding of the night was Summer Pudding, with Eton Mess and Squidgy Chocolate close runners up.

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