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Emma's Eccentric Britain Guardian Travel Saturday 8 December 2012

Stephen's tie is pale blue, made of silk and has custard down it from knot to tip. I'm at Three Ways House Hotel in Mickleton and I am about to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

Stephen Milnes is the jovial and enthusiastic host of the Pudding Club, started 27 years ago in an effort to celebrate the great British puddings that were, at that point, off the menu at most restaurants. "You could only get three puddings int he early 1980s" says Jill Coombe, co-owner of the hotel. "Black forest gateau, sherry trifle and cheesecake. That was it"."Or rum baba if you got really lucky", chips in Stephen.

And so the Pudding Club took flight-its mission to bring back the wonder of the steamed sponge, with "lashings of custard". Stephen grins broadly, his eyes glaze over. He's in custard reverie. I can tell.............

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