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Tasty Travels with Lynda

If you haven't already seen the new series on ITV 1 at 4pm on weekdays, try to catch it if you can this week. It's rumoured that The Pudding Club will be featured on Friday 7th September! Lynda travels around the country in her VW campervan called Battenburg, Batty for short! Yesterday's episode captured some unusual bits about Hampshire - a lovely county! The picture here features the lovely Lynda Bellingham with Chief Taster - Simon Coombe in the Summer Pudding Room at The Home of The Pudding Club.


Sticky Toffee Triumph

It is great to know that our puddings are appreciated by pudding lovers

Felicity a Sticky Toffee Pudding lover emailed recently.

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed the little sticky toffee puddings you now sell in Waitrose. I've been a Great Taste Award judge for the last 2 years- and in that capacity I've blind tasted a LOT of puddings- it's my special area of expertise! I can safely say yours is the best yet. The sponge bit is so soft and moist, and there's plenty of sauce, which to my mind is always the best bit. And the small ones are just the right size- and brilliant to be able to buy just the one"  Felicity Channel 4 News

Fi and Nathan's Favourite Puddings of 2009

Fi and Nathan our most regular pudding lovers of 2009 if not ever! attended 11 pudding club meetings during 2009 and tried 31 different puddings. Which were their favourites?

Fi's Top 7- Pear,Ginger and Cranberry Roulade. Lord Randall's. Sticky Toffee and Date. Squidgy Chocolate and Nut. Bread and Butter Pudding. Jam and Coconut.  College Pudding.

Nathan's Top 7-Plum Meringue Roulade. Sticky Toffee and Date. Very Chocolate. Bread and Butter Pudding. Jam and Coconut. White and Dark Chocolate Bombe.  Apple and Apricot Layer Pudding

Absolute Top of The Puds!

Fi  Cold- Pear, Ginger and Cranberry Roulade.  Hot- Lord Randall's

Nathan Cold- Plum Meringue Roulade.  Hot- Sticky Toffee and Date.

Let us know which is favourite pudding, blog here and tell us it could be the next pudding club pudding available in Waitrose.



Spotted Dick for Sunday Breakfast

When Dave Childs attended the Pudding Club Meeting last Friday evening, he was so disappointed that Spotted Dick was not one of the 7 puddings on offer. The next evening at dinner in the hotel restaurant the hotel staff ensured that Dave enjoyed  a large portion of Spotted Dick and Custard.

Not satisfied with this Dave ordered another portion at breakfast the next morning! Yes and this was after he had enjoyed a full English with Black Pudding

If you have a great story like this do share it with us and comment on Pudding Club Blog



Have you bought a Pudding Club Pudding?

It is now over two weeks since Pudding Club puddings first became available for sale in Waitrose stores across the country.We are so pleased that many thousands of pudding lovers have raised their spoons and  headed for their nearest store and bought one or more puddings!

If you have tried one we would love to know what you thought of it, was it substantial and fulfilling? how did you like the packaging? had the syrup really soaked into the sponge as my grandmothers used to? was it really a sticky sticky toffee pud?

For the last 24 years we have listened to comments from pudding lovers who have attended Pudding Club meetings at the Home of the Pudding club.

So please Blog here and let us know your comments

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